with a made in Italy patent, is a leader in the laying system with special cone for planks in wood, pvc, laminates for horizontal solutions:

  • floors on the ground
  • raised

Floor laying solution:

The magnet guarantees ground fixing and stability while the joint ensures the flatness of the plank to the floor.

Floor laying solution for raised floors:

Until yesterday, the coating is glued to the raised floor, but today the coating is a modern and flexible magnetic cover that is removable thanks to the MagClack system. It satisfies every need: from the architecture studio to the fashion house, from the industry to the medical office, from the banking system to the insurance one, up to the hospitality and the catering.

All this is possible using MagClack that through the special joint and the exceptional magnetic foil, ensures the removability of each individual element.

MagClack on MagFace system

allows, in case of first installation or replacement of a single element, such as a parquet or laminate list, pvc, the quick hook-release of each single element for both top and raised floor:

Reduced effort

Optimized times

Reduction of laying costs

Total inspectability

Removal of every single element


No breakage

Applicability to any size and thickness required, both in Luxury and Economy


MagClack has completely overcome the traditional obstacles of the horizontal laying system so, finally, the wood floors, pvc, laminates lvt become EASY.


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