MagFace: the n.1, the one and original patented for
dry laying
with zero compromises
in a millimeter of thickness

Why MagFace is the n.1 in the world specialized in dry laying to zero compromises?

MagFace is the Made in Italy patent of the industrial innovation system, the result of 15 years of experience, research and development in the field of coatings and floors, which combines the cutting-edge of technology with safety, efficiency and respect for the environment.

Magnetic and self-laying, MagFace responds to the needs of flexibility of contemporary design: it allows to cover any surface in dry laying allowing to renew any environment with immediate walkability, in total safety and with only one millimeter of thickness, eliminating all inconveniences and obstacles of traditional installation. MagFace is a dry laying system: its characteristics allow the elements to be fixed magnetically to each other.

MagFace is not for everyone but only for those who love style and efficiency without sacrificing comfort and, above all, for those who safeguard the interests of their customers.

Mapei technical partner of MagFace

We are proud to have entered into a technical partnership with Mapei, the world's leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants with 80 years of excellence.

Thanks to the collaboration born from the meeting at the International Exhibition for ceramics, today Mapei is our technical partner in the production of renderings that will follow and in different portfolio experience.

Eliminate the obstacles and inconveniences of a traditional laying in total security

With MagFace you can cover walls, floors and raised floors and achieve unique results in the world thanks to the self-laying system:

Zero dismantling and / or demolition

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Up to 40% reduction in costs and time

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No use of glues, sealants and / or other chemicals

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Increase of surface solidity with 100% security and 30-year warranty

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EcoFriendly certainty

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MagFace is the strength in the single element

In case of replacement of a single element, such as a tile or a parquet plank, the MagFace system simply responds in an immediate way: thanks to the use of a suction cup it is possible to operate WITHOUT the intervention of specialized personnel and the use of special equipment. Finally, you can afford the luxury of changing endless times and always in total safety, solidity and efficiency.

MagFace can be used anywhere:

MagFace can be applied to any material: ceramic, wood, glass, stone, marble, cement. It can also be used with raised floors, but its extraordinariness once again amazes the Boiserie and becomes easy.

MagFace special systems:


is the only patented specialist for dry installation by interlocking ZERO COMPROMISES for:

  • Wooden floors
  • PVC

Its strength? The removability of the single element in total safety and full efficiency

Edging? No, MagBanding

The old edging has redone the look by focusing on design and efficiency: today it is called MagBanding.

The edging, the external perimeter of the tile, serves to prevent dirt and ensure high resistance to water.

The traditional system involves the use of cementitious grout, a choice that contrasts however with the design, which prevents the repositioning of the ceramics.

MagBanding is the only solution able to overcome these obstacles thanks to two proposals:

  • – Self-extinguishing ABS, ideal for design that is attentive to the aesthetic appearance of ceramics and, moreover, can offer:
    • Reduced thicknesses of 0.6 / 0.8 mm against the minimum 2 mm of traditional joints,
    • A wide selection of possible variants, clearly superior to traditional grout

  • EXPANDED RUBBER PROFILE equal to 2 mm, a solution that optimizes practicality by preventing:
    • The formation of cracks on the ceramic thanks to the creation of a damping perimeter cushion,
    • The passage of dirt and water, in this case by combining it with a silicone.

Once again MagFace has found the solution n.1 that matches all the targets: from the Interior designer to the General contractor, from the shop to the car dealership.

MagFace solves the inconveniences of traditional laying for all types of floor and raised floors applications.

Are not you convinced yet? Fill out the contact form or come visit us and touch the power and efficiency of MagFace.

MagFace: tabelle comparative tecniche ed economiche con il sistema tradizionale:

Ceramic installation 60 x 60 x 1 cm on leveled concrete screed

Ceramic installation 60 x 60 x 1 cm REPLACING existing floor

Ceramic installation 60 x 60 x 1 cm on existing floor


Dealerships, showroom


Floor dealers

Design studies, engineering, interior designers, interior designers

General Contractor


Companies, offices, banks

Shopping center, shop, store



Gyms, SPA

Exhibitions, stands



Airports, stations, waiting rooms


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MagFace invests on its customers

MagFace offers its dealers and also for new customers a free of charge opportunity to attend specialization courses, available in Italian and English. At the end of the training day, the student will have learned the fundamental concepts of the MagFace system in a professional manner, thus being able to use the concepts received to increase the turnover of their business.

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MagFace MagFace is the number 1 system, the only and original patented in the world specialized for dry laying with zero compromises that, thanks to the considerable reduction in costs and time, leads to wider profit margins for ceramic and wood-parquet producers, installers, car showrooms, interior designers, in the same time reducing expenses for General Contract and business / corporate owners.

There is only a way to obtain the right to produce, sell and market the

MagFace artifact:

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The one and original MagFace has the hologram: if it is not present, the brand is not MagFace.

MagFace is not for everyone but only for those who love style and efficiency without sacrificing comfort and, above all, for those who safeguard the interests of their customers.